Kikusui Perfect Snow Nigori Sake 300ml
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Kikusui Perfect Snow Nigori Sake

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Category Sake
Region Japan, Niigata
Brand Kikusui
Alcohol/vol 21%
Just one taste will have you hooked. The first thing you will notice is the full-bodied sweetness. The subtle texture of the "moromi" granules, created by carefully fermenting only the finest quality rice, leaves a striking impression. Although you are hit with a full-bodied flavor as the sake passes over your palate, you are left with a crisp, dynamic flavor. With an alcohol content of 21%, Perfect Snow will leave an impression. Experience the difference with Kikusui Perfect Snow. It goes without saying that Perfect Snow complements Japanese cuisine such as sushi and yakitori, but the full-bodied sweetness and crisp, clean finish of Perfect Snow is also the perfect complement to intense flavors and robust cuisine such as spare ribs and spicy Korean food. They form the perfect marriage, helping to draw out the mutual flavors. You will be surprised at just how well Perfect Snow goes with meat dishes, traditionally enjoyed with a bottle of red wine. Try Perfect Snow with a range of cuisine.

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