Xifeng Jiu XIFENG JIU-1956
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Xifeng Jiu XIFENG JIU-1956

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Category Spirits
Region China
Brand Xifeng Jiu
Alcohol/vol 45%

Xi Feng Jiu has a long history dating back more than 2,200 years ago to the Qin Dynasty, and the “Qin drink,” was the first generation of Xi Feng Jiu. According to legend, Fengxiang, the town in Shaanxi province, was where the ‘phoenixes took flight’- the root of the name Xi Feng Jiu: ‘Western Phoenix Spirit’. In 1994, because of the unique styles and features, brewing process, and unique geographical environment of Xi Feng Jiu, Chinese state-level authority’s determined “Feng Xiang” aroma baijiu by using Xi Feng Jiu as a reference. Since then, Shaanxi Xifeng Liquor Group Co., Ltd. has become the benchmark of the national standard for Feng-aroma baijiu.