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Chum Churum Original Soju

Chum Churum Original Soju

Chum-Churum is unique in utilizing alkaline water as its main component. As soju is typically served chilled, this provides a much cleaner, smoother drinking experience. The lower ABV reduces or removes the otherwise bitterness typically found in other soju brands.  more



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Takara (Sho Chiku Bai) Yokaichi Mugi Shochu

Takara (Sho Chiku Bai) Yokaichi Mugi Shochu

Distilled from Barley. Yokaichi Mugi is the finest Mugi Shochu. It is made from superior barley and combines age-old craftsmanship with modern technology. Enjoy the clean crisp taste and pleasant rice aroma on the rocks or straight up.  more



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Kuro Kirishima Soju

Kuro Kirishima Soju




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