Nanbu Bijin Daiginjo Sake 720ml
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Nanbu Bijin Daiginjo Sake

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Category Daiginjo
Origin Japan
Brand Nanbu Bijin
Alcohol/vol 16.5%
Made with local Gin Otome sake rice milled down to 45%. This is the quintisential Daiginjo-style sake. After experiencing the fancy, flowery aroma, flavorful attack, and clean finish, you will understand Daiginjo-styled sakes right away. Recommend serving temperature: chilled.
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  • wa93

The NV Junmai Daijinjo is pale lemon-green. This is an elegant sake with plenty of floral and fruity notes of jasmine, citrus, orange zest, and a hint of rice and mineral. It is off-dry, broad, full-bodied and powerful. Very long and pure, with a mineral finish that is reminiscent of spring water and seaweed. Rice: Yamada Nishiki.

August 30, 2016

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