Sixpoint Sweet Action Cream Ale 6 pack 12 oz. Can
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Sixpoint Sweet Action Cream Ale

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6 pack 12 oz. Can
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Category Cream Ale
Origin United States, New York
Brand Sixpoint
Alcohol/vol 5%
Sweet action is an idea, a concept. It is a simple representation of what makes beer great- the marriage of barley and hops, in a harmonious balance for your mind, body, and soul. The experience is transcendental.
Beer Advocate
  • ba88

Ever heard of Sweet Action...the magazine? That short-lived sensation sparked one of our first collaborations--the beer you hold in your hand. Our quest to classify SWEET ACTION has ended; it's a beer your brain can't categorize, but instead speaks directly to your palate. Our senses and intuition sometimes conquer rational thought. It's Mad Science.

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