Kao Liang Chiew 750ml
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Kao Liang Chiew

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Brand Kao Liang

The liquor originates from Dazhigu (大直沽, located east of Tianjin), first appearing in the Ming Dynasty and is widely consumed across northern China in provinces such as Hebei, Shaanxi, and Shandong. It is primarily made and sold in the China and Taiwan and is also popular in Korea, where it is called goryangju (hangul: 고량주; hanja: 高粱酒) or bbaegal (which originates from the Chinese character 白乾).[1] Kaoliang ranges usually between 38 and 63 percent alcohol by volume. At present, world's highest alcohol content of kaoliang liquor is up to 92% produced by Chyi Leh Wei Distillery (Chinese: 琪樂薇酒廠) in Taiwan.

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