Grand Mayan  Ultra Aged Limited Edition  750ml
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Grand Mayan Ultra Aged Limited Edition

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Category Tequila
Origin Mexico
Brand Grand Mayan
Proof 80.00
Made from the purest Agave using the highest standards of production, and bottled in a hand-painted talavera bottle, Tequila Grand Mayan is part of Mexico's ancient history and a symbol of their deepest traditions. Grand Mayan Ultra Aged Tequila is aged for over three years, dark in color, and features the rich, sweet, and distinct nutty aroma. Pick up these statement pieces for your home bar!
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  • we95

The hand-painted ceramic bottle is gorgeous, but so is what's in the bottle: a blend of three-four- and five-year old Tequilas. Look for a deep amber hue and complex aromas that unfold jalapeño, brown sugar and cocoa. The palate-coating, slightly viscous palate opens with clove and coriander, warming to cocoa, browned butter, and sarsaparilla, and finishes on black pepper and cinnamon. The overall effect almost reads like a Tequila-based amaro.

Kara Newman, May 1, 2019

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