Whiplash California Red Blend 2018
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Whiplash California Red Blend 2018

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The Whiplash 2016 red wine has a lovely, dark cherry hue and opens with warm, comforting aromas. A fruit forward wine with dark cherry, fig and mixed berry pie flavors with hints of baking spices such as fresh clove and butterscotch and earthy tones. Bright pomegranate notes reveal the wine's balanced acidity. Medium-bodied with good lift and juicy tannins that leave you wanting another sip. Smooth tannins grip the midpalate and leave an easy finish of sweet oak. Pairs beautifully with a wide range of foods and is enhanced by sauces with a hint of sweetness. Barbequed pork, Chicken Tikka Masala, Peking Duck, or a flavorful pasta with tomato sauce are all delicious complements.