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Metaxa Brandy 5 Star

Metaxa Brandy 5 Star

we 85-89
Metaxa 5* Classic lies at the heart of the Metaxa family. With a bottle inspired by ancient Greek architecture, its spirit captures the warmth of the sun. Wine distillates of at least five years old provide this blend with its characteristically smooth, aged fruity taste, perfectly complemented by its dark ... more



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Metaxa Brandy 7 Star

Metaxa Brandy 7 Star

Metaxa 7* is a very sophisticated member of the Metaxa family. Its bottle is inspired by the ancient Greek vases, called "Amphorae", which were used to carry wines and spirits. Containing distillates at least 7 years old, Metaxa 7 is a spirit of distinction, with a gold colour and a ... more



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Metaxa Ouzo

Metaxa Ouzo

we 88
Created according to a time-honoured recipe, this unique aperitif features a blend of Mediterranean spices including aniseed, fennel, coriander and the precious mastic coming from the island of Chios, which endow Ouzo by METAXA with a rich, complex bouquet and cool, crisp flavour.  more



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Metaxa Grande Fine

Metaxa Grande Fine

Colour: amber Aroma: fully aromatic, woody, well balanced Taste: silky, ample, aged, with a slight touch of vanilla  more



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